Tv habits

I only  watch TV one or two hours a week because I don’t think ther have so good shows. I often watch tv when I’m sick or tired. When I’m sick I watch TV at daytime, but if im not sick  I watch TV at night. I have a television in my room, but sometimes I watch the news in the livingroom with my parents.

I like watching ”road wars”. It’s about brittish policemen chasing criminals, I also watch some movies when it’s showed. My favourite program is ”the amazing race”, it’s about eight groups with two people in each group that are competing against eachother and the winner gets 500.000 dollars in cash.

When I watch TV I watch by myself, but when I watch series like ”The simpsons” or ”Family guy” I like to watch it with my friends. I don’t think I watch too much television but as soon someone brings up a conversation about computers or cellphones I get interested more than watching TV. When I was younger and didn’t have a television in my room I used to watch a lot of cartoons with my siblings in the livingroom.